Who We Are

Our non-profit organization called "Fundación Lirio del Valle" was created in 2009 and legally registered in with the RNC 430104337 in the Dominican Republic. This foundation is associated with "Associació Amics de Villa Caoba" (Friends of Villa Caoba), a non-profit organization registered under NIF G-65329591 on 2010 in Catalonia region of Spain, which allocates its funds to the children of Villa Caoba for use of sponsorship and schooling- while providing technical assistance and coordination of volunteers.

Chaired by Anna Maria Pla Pujal, Spanish citizen currently living in the Dominican Republic, this foundation has the support of partners, volunteers and sponsors in Spain and the Dominican Republic.

The Foundation has 120 children that reside in Villa Caoba, an impoverished community of La Romana in the Dominican Republic.

Our main goal is to provide schooling and feeding, and thus contributing to their proper physical and intellectual development.

All funds raised by both the La Fundación Lirio del Valle and by the Friends of Associació Amics de Villa Caoba through contributions from sponsors, voluntary donations and food through charitable auctions, concerts, etc. are delivered in full (by volunteers) to be used for the education of children and various activities, both educational and recreational, aimed at enhancing their skills.

We need people with good hearts to help these children fulfill their dreams of a better life.

Can you help?


Jordi Anna
Jordi - Consultant Anna - President
Aracelis Ávila
General Coordinator in
Republic Dominicana
Ángela Aquino Ávila
Cook Volunteer
Judith Elena Tejada
Flor B. Ruíz
Cook Volunteer
Judith De Jesús
María Cecilia Matos "Mema"
Petronila Reyes
Cook Helper
Vanessa Mesela Legro "Carolina"
Voluntaria de Cocina
Gerlin Ruíz
Junior Volunteer
Karen Mesela
Junior Volunteer
Eledania Jean
Junior Volunteer
Cecilia Jean
Junior Volunteer