What We Do
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  • Every Saturday, we coordinate activities, games and meals for our 120 children on the program.
  • We have enrolled 120 children that make up the program at Fundación Lirio del Valle.
  • We have 75 children under the sponsorship program (We need more sponsors!)
  • We have provided clothes and meals to the families of the children.
  • We aim to educate them in personal hygiene, by showing them how to wash their hands, teeth, ...
  • We teach them to sing, play and to learn to cope with future challenges.
  • We teach them moral and ethical values such as sharing, respect toward others and other social skills, providing more possibilities to develop in healthy ways and a better future.
  • Appointments are made for de-worming on a frequent basis with volunteer doctors of La Romana.
  • We provide educational workshops for mothers on values and hygiene.
  • Each Saturday, volunteers come to visit, assist and collaborate on meals and activities.
  • Coordination of volunteers from Spain.
You can follow all our activities in our Picasa Web Site.

Preparing the food Feeding the children